Heatwave Data specializes in the application of geographic information systems and computer modeling programs for data interpretation and visualization, working to provide for its clients innovative and technically superior solutions to resolve complicated problems in both the private and public sector. Our capabilities include the characterization and delineation of soil and groundwater impacts, groundwater and contaminant transport modeling, salt-water intrusion delineation, source volume and mass estimation, remediation system design, and much more. Heatwave Data’s deliverables exemplify the work ethic and dedication that are an integral part of what make us successful.

    Core Services

    • GIS Analysis, Mapping and Visualization
    • Groundwater Modeling
    • Contaminant Transport Modeling
    • Salt-water Intrusion Delineation
    • Volume and Mass Estimation
    • Remedial System Design Support
    • Source delineation
    • Permeability grids
    • Residual oil saturation
    • Temperature and porosity distribution for sweep efficiency analysis
    • Field investigation/exploration
    • Presence/absence of staining
    • Resistivity interpretation
    • Subsurface contamination
    • Sand/shale interface
    • Infill drilling
    • Calcite Distribution
    • Field investigation/exploration